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v16 Update 3 Alpha Brings Advanced DNS & Reconnect Controls

Latest Update Turns the Heat Up

Posted on: August 9th, 2019

To finish our stream of midsummer updates with a bang, Update 3 Alpha has just been released and… it’s not to be missed! Included among the numerous fixes, updates and improvements are the new built-in DNS and reconnect connectivity controls, just-released Android and iOS apps, new audio transcription options and drag-and-drop attachments in Web Client’s “Chat”.

This new Alpha version brings these improvements and upgrades to the table:

  • New DNS Options for SIP Trunks – using the new “Auto Discovery” with transport and IP mode options, ensures better control and provides flexibility over DNS resolutions. As this is a major upgrade for SIP Trunks, test it out and give us your feedback.

  • Ad Hoc Reconnect – use with the latest Android Beta app to seamlessly switch between WiFi and 3G/4G networks while moving around.

  • Live Chat and Talk Website Code Generator – this new tool in “Settings” > “WordPress/Website Integration” enables you to specify the Live Chat and Talk options and generate the configuration to include in your website.

  • Smartphone Provisioning Badges – the updated Web Client UI now includes shortcut badges for the iOS and Android apps when a smartphone has not been provisioned.

  • Bridges in SIP Trunks – to further tidy up the Management Console UI, the Bridges functions is now merged into SIP trunks, along with the relevant VoIP gateways and SBCs.

  • New Phones Supported – the latest Alpha adds support for the new Intelbras TIP 120 and TIP 125 phones.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Try the new Update 3 Alpha features with these recent releases for a combined effect:

  • New Android Beta App – introduces a heavily re-designed and flexible UI, end-to-end secure calls via encrypted tunnel and a call reconnect feature. Join the 3CX Beta Program to get the new Beta app via the Google Play Store.

  • New iOS App – brings improved IPv6 support, out-of-the-box tunnel encryption and chat functionality on par with the Web Client. More features to be added soon for feature parity with the Android app, so watch this space!

Requirements & Known Issues

  • V16 Update 3 Alpha, the new Android Beta and iOS apps require a valid, not self-signed, SSL certificate.

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