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New Android Beta App with Updated UI, Call Encryption and Reconnection


The just-released beta version of the re-designed Android app implements a new development approach that immediately delivers these benefits:

  • New flexible UI – the new interface makes functionality more accessible without sacrificing

eye candy and compatibility with Android devices. Also included is a new Startup Wizard to assist in setting up and provisioning your extension with 3CX. Take it for a spin and let us know your thoughts.

  • Secure calls by default – the new app takes advantage of the new tunnel encryption functionality in V16 to provide end-to-end secure communication out of the box, while in your network environment or on the road. Just provision your extension with the beta app, make a call and notice the on-screen padlock icon denoting the call is encrypted.

  • Reconnect calls – the new beta now automatically attempts to reconnect calls disconnected at any point of your communication, handling unforeseen network hiccups and keeping you from hitting re-dial.

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