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3CX WebMeeting’s Performance Ahead of the WebRTC Pack

If 100K+ sessions and 200K+ participants connected each month isn’t enough to convince you of 3CX WebMeeting’s impressive performance and agility, this will surely do the trick! We just finished a round of in-depth WebMeeting performance tests against the leading open-source WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) platforms, with some eye-opening results! WebMeeting is on par with the top WebRTC platforms and in many ways ahead in performance and resilience.

Testing Methodology

The tests were performed based on CoSMo Software Consulting’s (CoSMo) recently published scientific report “Comparative Study of WebRTC Open Source SFUs for Video Conferencing“, on their own KITE Grid Manager WebRTC testing platform. Each test scenario spawned up to 5,000 VMs to simulate the target number of clients, each executing a typical-use action script: join a meeting, conference, leave and then rejoin.

“Hello, one two three testing…” – Test Scenarios & Results

Under the watchful guidance of CoSMo, our team tested concurrently and in isolation usage scenarios and loads for video conferencing and webinars, for a total duration of 1500+ hours. 3CX WebMeeting compared favorably and exhibited these competitive advantages versus the leading open source WebRTC platforms already tested by CoSMo:

  • Network performance:

  • Exceptionally low RTT (Round-Trip Time) – consistently low against values 7X to ~24X higher for open source platforms.

  • Quality Audio and Video even under stress – consistent transmitted and received video / audio bitrate and quality while scaling with increasing numbers of users. This is in contrast with lowered bitrates and quality past the 250 participants mark for the tested open source platforms.

  • Virtually no communication issues – negligible packet loss and audio jitter at levels below 0.1% and 0.007% respectively.

  • System performance & stability:

  • Scaling CPU usage – better and linear CPU scaling for increasing number of participants, especially against the temperamental and fluctuating CPU peaks for the leading Janus platform.

  • Rock-solid & resilient – the WebMeeting platform proved its production-grade stability under all tested load scenarios, without any hiccups, hangs or crashes.

Test Conclusion

After a heavily-involved testing process that took about three months and more than 3,500 man-hours, rest assured that the long duration and effort were well worth it: the above testing results verified, and in some cases exceeded, our own metrics on the impressive WebMeeting real-world performance, as independently witnessed by CoSMo. At the same time, the testing process provided valuable controlled-environment insights and experience to our team, helping to focus, stress-test and improve specific internal parts of the 3CX WebMeeting web client. That’s what we call a “two for one deal”!

Read the full report by CoSMo.

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