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15.5 Update 5 BETA gives more control to the admin

In the latest update, aptly named “5” – we have added a host of new features and made numerous improvements to our most successful version to date – v15.5. Below a small outtake of the biggest changes.

New Trunk/DID report

The new trunk/DID report allows you to quickly see the number of inbound calls to a trunk and to DIDs associated with it. You can now also filter out calls that are less than X amount of seconds. These calls would skew call statistics. The filter is available on all reports.

Generate reports on multiple queues

New in update 5 is the ability to generate reports on multiple queues and merge the data into a single report. Watch the video.

Call recording features

The call recording abilities have been greatly improved by giving the administrator more control over call recording:

  • Enforce call recording – control whether the user is able to stop/pause recording or not.

  • Ability to record external calls only (i.e. avoid internal calls being recorded).

  • Save recordings in ADPCM format, which saves disk space.

Expect more call recording features to make it into future updates! Watch the video.

Improved server side CRM integration

We continue to work on improving our integration with CRM systems. Update 5 saw a big upgrade of the CRM engine:

  • Added support for:

  • AmoCRM

  • ExactOnline

  • ZohoV2

  • Opencnam

  • Vtiger

  • Improvements to the integrations with Salesforce, Freshdesk & Connectwise

  • You can now upload and test custom CRM integration configurations from the console.

  • Updated the document how to create CRM integration. Learn how to create your own in just a few hours by watching the video and reading the guide!

Corporate Chat

Administrators can now switch off chat for all users system-wide

Emergency dialing (911)

Although 15.5 already supported emergency dialing, we have made two notable improvements:

  • You can now configure per group – or range of extensions – which emergency number they should use in the outbound rule. This greatly simplifies configuration.

  • Emergency calls no longer go against the license limit – they can always be made (providing your SIP trunk has the capacity).

Watch the video to see how this can be setup.

Forgot password

Many administrators forget their password to the management console. A forgotten password feature now allows a password to be sent to the administrator’s email address.

Replace License Key

This feature is a big time saver for users wanting to upgrade from a trial to a commercially licensed system. Previously one would need to do a re-install if the key was not upgraded. Now you can simply replace the current key with the purchased key and retain all user settings. Watch the video.

Blacklisting improvements

For security purposes 3CX will blacklist IP addresses that are repeatedly entering wrong user/password combinations. However, in previous versions it was not easy to figure out which device or who was the culprit. Better notifications now allow the administrator to quickly find the guilty party and block the IP or fix the issue.

Other improvements

  • Backup to Google Drive – we have updated to the latest Google API (1.32) which improves performance and reliability

  • Updated to .NET Core to 2.0.7 – this fixes issues with processors that do not support AVX extensions like Intel NUC, Celeron processors and anything not in this list

  • Improved Email Notifications to admins to be clearer and explain what to do.

  • Increased number of available internal parking slots to 250

  • Default configuration now allows up to 1024 calls

  • Fixed an issue in the reporting of the attended transfer duration

  • Improved voice mail delivery

  • Improved “P-Asserted-Identity” support

  • TLS 1.2 support – 3CX is fully PCI compliant with TLS 1.2 support. Note that provisioning of some older legacy devices and clients will fail. It is therefore possible to revert to TLS 1.0

  • Backup to FTP now supports EPSV

  • Yealink T4X template can now provision more than one EXP40 sidecar

  • Improved PUSH functionality (much bigger improvements to follow in update 6)

Watch the video to see What’s new in Update 5.

For a full list see the change log.

Download links Go to the updates section on the dashboard of the management console where you will see a release update 15.5 SP5 Beta. Click on the update and SP5 will be installed. If you want to download a new installation you can download the Linux version or the Windows version. Windows: Linux: Download 3CX ISO from here.

This BETA version should not be installed in production systems. Install only for evaluation purposes. Backups taken from BETA versions will not work. This version is not covered by any support SLA.

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