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3CX Update 4 is Here – Check out all the new features

About a week ago we released the BETA of Update 4 for V15.5, thanks to everyone who tried it out and gave us their feedback. Some of the most popular features included in the BETA are voicemail to text transcription, queue ringtones and multicast provisioning. In case you missed the BETA below is a list of features included in Update 4:

  • Voicemail to Text Transcription.

  • Queue Ringtones and Multicast Provisioning

  • Alternative 3CX Supported Firmware

  • UTF8 encoding in recording file names

  • Dashboard bar notifications for Firewall messages, Custom IP phone templates and Unsupported VoIP Providers. “Firewall Custom template Unsupported Provider”

  • 3CX SIP Server option to unbind from IPv6

In addition to the above the final release also includes:

  • IPv6 rules for IP6tables

  • Adjusted DST values for Fanvil Phones.

How to update If you are on v15.5, SP1, SP2, SP3, or SP4 BETA simply go to the updates section on the dashboard of the management console where you will see a release update 15.5 SP4. Click on the update and 15.5 SP4 will be installed.

If you want to download a new installation you can download the Linux or the Windows version.


Linux: 3CX ISO here

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