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3CX Hot Fix release

Following the release of 3CX v15.5 Update 3, there was an issue with call logs from certain countries whose time zone is negative (UTC-). We’re now releasing a hot fix which resolves this issue and all call logs are back to working as before.

What’s included in this fix:

  • Call logs now show for installs where timezone is negative

  • Fixed Queue manager wrap up time (Time is global per queue)

  • Destination No Answer fixed when Queue Music on hold is very short

How to install this hot fix If you are on v15.5, 15.5 SP1, 15.5 SP2 or 15.5 SP3 simply go to the updates section on the dashboard of the management console where you will see a release update 15.5 SP3 Hot Fix. Click on the update and it will be installed.

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