Fake Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool discovered on the Chrome Web Store

Image showing the fake Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool that was listed in the Chrome Web Store

It has come to our attention that there recently was a fake Chrome Extension listed in the Google Chrome Web Store, pretending to be our Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool. Not only was it fake, but it is also harmful. At the time of writing, the fake extension has been removed. One thing to keep in mind is that our Chrome App cannot be found by searching the Chrome Web Store due to changes on Google's end.

The fake extension replaced the content of Google search results and makes CORS requests to a malicious domain. There were over 2000 installs of the fake extension before it was removed. So please be mindful of what shows up by search in the Chrome Web Store, especially if you plan to install it. As mentioned before, the official Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool Chrome App cannot be found by searching the Chrome Web Store.

There is a link for the real Chrome App on our official download site. You can find it under Utilities (see HERE).

The direct link to our official Chrome App is here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ubiquiti-device-discovery/hmpigflbjeapnknladcfphgkemopofig

If you aren't sure which you have installed, please remove any copies of Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool found within Extensions, and install the official one which is linked on our downloads page.

We're working with Google to see if this can be prevented from reoccurring. And remember, please exercise caution when searching for and installing any browser extensions or apps, whether it's ours or another.




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